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SAMWON GARDEN, the place where ordinally meeting becomes joyful feast
Dinehill, makes your today’s meal as once in a lifetime experience


Share the best K-food culture with the world.

Once in a lifetime experience, today’s meal

Since its foundation in 2004, DINEHILL has been loved by customers through various attempts and has been granted the honor to contribute to the development of Korean food service culture.

We have grown into a major food service company over the past 20 years based on daring challenges, stable expansion, and sometimes painful failures. In particular, we begin overseas market entry, with SAMWON GARDEN at the forefront in 2024. We will strive to become a global F&B company by launching a new brand recognizable to overseas customers in addition to Korea’s unique grilled BBQ culture.

There is a phrase I have always emphasized to our DINEHILL staffs, which is no matter how large the restaurant size is, it is still a restaurant. And regardless of the its size, all of our customers visit there have the right to be satisfied. We will always try to make today’s meal, only one moment in your life, a meal to remember.

DINEHILL promises to become a company offers you comfortable go-to place whenever and with whoever you visit, it is our reward that presents small happiness to you, thank you.