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Samwon Garden

A Place where your meeting becomes a feast

From ancient times, Koreans have held banquets and gatherings to celebrate various occasions by offering an abundance of food to invited guests. This was a way to offer respect and pleasant welcoming.

As the Korean economy grew, it needed spacious and suitable venues to hold banquets. People began to meet at SAMWON GARDEN.

The spectrum of events has diversified at Samwon Garden. It has become a venue where prominent figures and foreign celebrities have been entertained. Distinguished companies hold important meetings. Samwon Garden continues to be a place where people come together to celebrate special occasions.

Established in 1976, Samwon Garden aims to become a global attraction. Opening its doors in Jakarta in 2013, we are expanding our restaurants to Hanoi and New York City in 2023.

[Scenes of Samwon Garden 40 years ago]

[Current Samwon Garden]

Overseas Store History

1981 SAMWON GARDEN in Gangnam
1987 SAMWON GARDEN, conversion to a corporation
1994 2nd SAMWON GARDEN in Daechi-dong
2002 Acquisition of Samho Corporation
2004 Established SG Dinehill Co., Ltd., specialized F&B company
2013 The 1st SAMWON GARDEN in Jakarta, Indonesia
2016 SG Dinehill Co., Ltd. Operated restaurant brands such as Butcher's Cut, Two-Duckling Sirloin, and Sun the Bud
2017 The 2nd SAMWON GARDEN in Jakarta, Indonesia
2022 SAMWON GARDEN main store in Gangnam renewal open
2023 The 1st SAMWON GARDEN in Hanoi, Vietnam
2023 The 1st SAMWON GARDEN in New York, USA


Dinehill was established in 2004 with Samwon Garden as a starting point, and currently operates 5 brands of 14 restaurants. As a restaurant company, we try new concepts with its own brand and strives to spread upscale dining culture. Pursuing a variety of brands rather than uniformity along with as a chef-centered restaurant, we deliver happiness offered by our dining culture in faithful to the original. Through continuous overseas benchmarking, we will develop and introduce more diverse genres of cuisine and establish ourselves as a trend-leading company.

Butcher’s Cut

Authentic Steak House

At Butcher’s Cut, our grilling and aging techniques, developed through years of in-house research set our steaks apart from the rest. We use wet and dry aging methods to properly match the characteristics of the meat. Further, our sommelier-selected wine list, cocktails and whiskeys makes Butcher’s Cut a true bar and grill establishment.


Korean Steak House

The highest quality sirloin received directly from producers is aged with Twoppul’s specialized methods in order to showcase its distinctive taste and flavor.

Sun The Bud

Restaurant with Better Lifestyle

Sun The Bud places emphasis on choosing a better lifestyle. We believe this begins with making healthier eating choices. Ingredients used in our salads, noodles and rice bowls are carefully selected and deliciously prepared to satisfy any health-conscious consumer.
Sun The Bud makes healthy ingredients taste great. A variety of vegan options are also available at our store.
Start your day off right at Sun The Bud.
Please remember to eat clean, live lean.

Osteria Cotto

Modern Italian Cuisine

Osteria Cotto offers a seasonal menu with a variety of ideas and ingredients based on Modern Italian cuisine. The restaurant is known for its cozy interior and pretty terrace that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a small Italian alley in the heart of Seoul.


Korean Bar & Grill

The menu features raw and marinated sirloin, specialty rib-eye and assorted roast beef. Signature menus at Roastok include Pyongyang cold noodles (naengmyeon) and lightly seasoned pork ribs. We highly recommend pairing these delicious items with wine or whiskey.


Amazing Chinese Restaurant

MAZING.A interpreted Chinese food as a more modern flavor, cooking Guangdong dishes to suit Korean tastes. A casual dining hall with unique murals filling one side of the the wall offers individual dishes, alcoholic beverages and meals, while a luxurious private room differentiated from the hall offers the best course meals for business meetings and family events.